Some tips and tricks to move smart and safe

The climate emergency and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution have made it necessary to change our habits, particularly in the field of mobility and transport. This notably involves the means of transport used to get to work to regain quality of life in cities.
Far from controversy, bicycles offer an eco-responsible, healthy and practical alternative to the use of the car and public transport. With VAE (Electrically Assisted Bicycles) you can easily undertake more difficult and longer routes to reach your workplace without having suffered the inconvenience of heavy perspiration. The ecosystem, which has been created around bicycles and e-bikes, especially for urban journeys, is very dynamic and offers many useful, comfortable innovations offering a very important part in safety .

Conversion kits for traditional bikes

They make it possible to transform a classic bicycle into an electrically assisted bicycle and thus enjoy the advantages of an electric bicycle without having to buy a new bicycle. This is particularly interesting for those that buying an electric bike may seem dissuasive. Virtually any traditional bicycle can be converted into an e-bike. It is also very interesting for vacationers or travelers who also want to transform their traditional bicycle into an e-bike at their vacation spot for hiking, going to the beach or exploring a new city by bicycle without having to buy an electric bicycle. or transport it.

Among the most promising solutions, Teebike offers an electric and connected front wheel equipped with a powerful and reliable motor, a long-lasting battery (approximately 60km of autonomy) and accessories to facilitate installation and adaptation. to different types of bikes and riding needs.

Unlike many kits, Teebike is a certified solution, making it a safe (and subsidy-eligible) product. In addition, to ensure that the conversion kit for traditional bicycles meets expectations, Teebike offers a non-binding rental offer for a month or more.

But innovations in soft mobility are not limited to electric bikes and conversion kits. We have made here a small non-exhaustive list of new innovative products or services to improve the safety and comfort of cyclists.

Connected headsets

They allow riders to use their smartphone to take calls on the go and/or listen to music. They can also be equipped with LED lighting systems, turn signals to be more visible, brake light or shock sensors that can send an alert to emergency contacts in the event of an accident. This is particularly the case with Cosmo Connected helmets, which offer cyclists a unique riding experience combining safety , comfort and pleasure to meet the expectations of each cyclist.

Clothing designed for soft mobility

To improve safety when cycling, we recommend investing in highly detectable and comfortable cycling clothing to be more visible . Drawing attention to yourself can considerably reduce the risk of accidents. To be noticed, you have to be remarkable in all circumstances and the central idea is to draw attention to the cyclist with fluorescent and reflective colors for the night.

Bad weather should no longer discourage cycling to work. Because with modern and adapted clothing, there are no longer any excuses. Highly visible, waterproof jackets and pants protect against rain and wind, breathable fabrics and venting systems wick away sweat to keep you dry and warm in comfort.

Urban Circus offers you a complete, quality range to meet all uses and all expectations, in particular thanks to extensive work with professionals who ride all day.

Innovative mirrors

Many innovations aim to provide cyclists with better safety , better visibility on the road and a better riding experience. Some are equipped with cameras to film their route or monitor the back of their bike in real time, they can also be connected to receive real-time notifications or traffic notifications. Others incorporate indicators , are foldable to be protected during transport or offer integrated LED lighting.

The Beam mirror stands out for its quality of manufacture with resistant materials, innovative optics, effective visibility and easy and quick mounting on different supports.

Smart locks

Conventional locks such as the U lock offer effective resistance, but additional protections can be offered via smartphone applications. For example, sensors installed on the bike can send an alert if someone tries to steal it.

The most efficient models are able to block the pedals or the electric assistance and offer geolocation systems and subscriptions to find the bike in the event of theft.

Puncture proof tires

A flat tire in town or in a less frequented place is very annoying, especially if you are late for an appointment or to get to work. Run-flat tires are a simple solution to this problem. These tires are reinforced with special materials that make them much more resistant to punctures and cuts.

Bike navigation apps

There's nothing more stressful than finding your way around an unfamiliar city, but bike navigation apps make it so much easier. These apps guide cyclists through the quietest streets and shortest routes to get to their destination. Some apps even offer additional features, like the ability to track performance and connect with other riders or riders .

Bike rental

City and electric bikes in particular have led to the arrival of new e-bike sharing services, offering a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional rental cars. These services allow users to rent an e-bike for a short trip and offer great flexibility and convenience for tourists and “ cyclists ”.