OUR 7 commitments for responsible fashion

At Urban Circus, we are committed to a responsible approach from product conception to end-of-life.

Our goal is clear: to manufacture high-quality, durable items while minimizing our environmental footprint. We integrate reuse and repair into our vision of a responsible fashion industry.

Our contribution to the circular economy is manifested through our commitment to optimizing recycling et repair processes, laying positive foundations for the future of the fashion industry.

Discover our 7 commitments to consume better, together.


Products designed for cycling

At Urban Circus, we consider cycling to be the transportation of the future.

As an eco-responsible alternative to combustion engine vehicles, it reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, while promoting the physical and mental health of users. In addition to its positive action against all forms of pollution, it allows you to move around better in the city, reduce traffic jams, accidents and parking problems.

The development of cycling and its practice contributes to the transformation of cleaner, more pleasant cities which improve the quality of life of city dwellers with a positive impact on their purchasing power.

Urban Circus creates clothing specially designed for cycling, emphasizing the safety, style and comfort of cyclists, so that city dwellers can cycle around town without fear or constraint.


'RE-CYCLE': Products made from recycled fabric

At Urban Circus, we are constantly seeking improvements, particularly when it comes to our environmental impact.

Since its creation, Urban Circus has put environmental concerns at the heart of its commitments so that our products correspond to our philosophy, while remaining affordable for users of soft mobility.

This philosophy has led us to favor recycled fabrics in our creations. We have therefore chosen to use post-consumer recycled polyester which has the advantage of reducing waste by revalorizing it.



Beyond the choice of fabrics for our products, we are keen to give new life to materials by adopting an upcycling approach with fabric scraps.

At Urban Circus, we believe in the sustainable value of every resource. Rather than seeing scraps as waste, we view them as creative opportunities.

By transforming them into new products or integrating them into our designs, we not only reduce waste, but we also bring a unique dimension to our products.

Each piece created from upcycling tells an ecological and artistic story, making our clothes much more than just articles of clothing.



Environmental issues have been at the heart of our philosophy since day 1 and we are constantly seeking to improve so that you are proud to support us.

This philosophy must also be reflected in the packaging of our clothes and this is why we have chosen to offer you 100% recyclable packaging.

Our polybag is made from recycled plastic and will be slipped into a kraft pouch when your order is shipped. The latter is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Made in Europe, it is made from 70% recycled paper and cellulose which comes from sustainably managed forests.



Second Cycle embodies our commitment to circular and sustainable fashion. On this second-hand site, we offer a new life to products which may have been used for photo shoots, in the development of our collections (prototypes) or which have been returned with minor defects.

It's a platform where our community can not only purchase items at great prices, but also contribute to this virtuous cycle by reselling their own items.

By encouraging the reuse and revaluation of clothing, we actively participate in the reduction of textile waste and the preservation of resources.

At Urban Circus, we pride ourselves on creating a sustainable shopping experience, where every choice matters for the planet and the future of fashion.



Our commitment to sustainability doesn't stop with creating eco-friendly products.

At Urban Circus, we believe in the value of repairing and extending the life of our items.

That's why we're proud of our partnership with a trusted repair shop. This collaboration allows us to offer our customers the opportunity to have their Urban Circus clothing and accessories repaired, reducing the need to purchase new items.

We encourage reasoned consumption by favoring repair rather than replacement.



In order to manage our stocks more responsibly and prevent overproduction, we favor the pre-order system for the production of our collections, particularly when it comes to innovative products. This approach allows us to assess your interest before launching production.

By adjusting our quantities precisely, we avoid building up unnecessary excess stock and unnecessarily contributing to textile pollution.

Because it can be difficult to anticipate with absolute precision, we offer reduced prices during sales or for end-of-line items, to ensure that our products always find buyers.