How to choose the right level of weather protection?

When you're heading out on an outdoor adventure, whether it's a mountain hike, a bike ride, or simply tackling the harsh weather of everyday life, it's essential to have waterproof clothing to protect you from the rain and humidity . But how do you choose the right level of weather protection? This is where the different degrees of waterproofing come into play.

The first thing to understand is that waterproofing is measured using the Schmerber notation. This notation indicates the hydrostatic pressure in millimeters that the fabric can withstand before allowing water to pass through. The higher the Schmerber number, the more waterproof the fabric. Here is an overview of the different degrees of waterproofing based on the Schmerber rating:

  • Light waterproofing (0 to 5,000 mm Schmerber):
  • This level of waterproofing is suitable for light conditions and light rain. Fabrics with this rating provide basic protection against moisture and are ideal for occasional use or short-term activities in light rain . To protect yourself, you can wear your REPOP ,CLASICA orFLUVIA on the plain side. The plain side of our jackets has fairly low waterproofing but will protect you from light rain.

  • Average waterproofness (5,000 to 10,000 mm Schmerber):
  • This level of waterproofing provides better protection against moderate and prolonged downpours . Fabrics with this rating are able to withstand heavier rain and are suitable for longer outdoor activities or changing weather conditions. We advise you to opt for the GIRO windbreaker or the VUELTA rain cape. Lightweight but still waterproof, these products protect you from showers and fairly heavy rain. You can absolutely cycle to work without getting soaked.

  • High waterproofness (10,000 to 20,000 mm Schmerber):
  • This level of waterproofing is suitable for intense and prolonged showers. Fabrics with this rating are designed to repel water even in harsh weather conditions. They provide excellent weather protection and are recommended for outdoor activities in humid or rainy environments. To protect yourself, it is best to use the REPOP our versatile mid-season jacket or theFLUVIA our long and warm winter parka, in addition to the IYUC rain pants. You can ride in the rain without fear while letting your body breathe thanks to the ventilation provided for this purpose.

    By understanding the different degrees of waterproofing based on the Schmerber rating, you can choose the right level of weather protection that fits your needs. Whether you're looking for lightweight waterproofing for casual activities or high waterproofing for rainy adventures, be sure to find clothing that will keep you dry and comfortable , whatever the weather conditions.

    The breathability of waterproof clothing is a crucial element in ensuring the comfort of cyclists on a daily basis. Our products are specially designed with this necessity in mind. Equipped with clever features, they offer innovative solutions to promote optimal ventilation when traveling by bike. Thanks to details such as the double opening zip , the underarm zips and the back ventilation , our jackets allow air to circulate efficiently, thus evacuating the heat and humidity generated by physical effort.

    This ensures a pleasant cycling experience, even in rainy weather, by maintaining optimal body temperature and avoiding the feeling of suffocation often associated with traditional waterproof clothing. At Urban Circus, we are committed to offering you products that combine weather protection and breathability, so that every bike ride is a smooth and comfortable experience.

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