9 tips for successfully back to bike comut

It's almost back to school and for many city dwellers, it's also time to get back in the saddle. Maybe you're tired of spending all your trips in traffic breathing in exhaust pipes and want to get started too. To get you started on the right foot, here are some tips to make you shine on the roads and ride for the long term :

1/ Choose your city bike wisely

Choose it according to your needs and the routes you take. As we are not experts in this field, we invite you to visit these sites, which can give you all the information you will need:

The FUB (French Federation of Bicycle Users) , 

Choose your Bike

2/ Adjust the bike properly to your size and your morphology

This is important to optimize your effort and avoid back and joint pain in the long term. You can consult these sites to better guide you: 

live bike

Les Ostéos Paris

3/ Always check your bike before leaving

Check that nothing is broken or deflated, that everything is in place. However, if something happens to you along the way, don't panic! You will be able to consult the bicycle pumps on your way thanks to the application Geovelo.

For larger repairs, a flat tire, a worn brake or even a complete overhaul, use the services of companies like : https://www.cyclofix.com. They can come to your home or even to your place of work.

4/ Plan your route and remember to check where to park your bike

You can use the app Geovelo which will be perfect to accompany you on your journeys. The application prioritizes tracks, cycle lanes and quiet streets to ensure comfort, safety and peace of mind. At the end of your journey,  Geovelo shows you the availability of free-service bike stations as well as the geolocation of specific parking lots for two-wheelers.

5/ Invest in a good lock

The U lock is the best security for your bike. It is made of steel, the ideal is to take a long handle to be able to attach the wheel and part of the frame to a fixed point. 

You can also use services like those at BicyCode, which offers identification solutions for bicycles and scooters in order to avoid stealing. We invite you to visit the site to learn more about this solution.

6/ Dress according to the weather

Rain capes, bag & saddle covers, parkas, rain pants,... there is no shortage of solutions to maximize the time spent on your bike. No need to give up at the slightest drop!

7/ Remember to be visible and vigilant

Plan reflective and/or fluorescent clothing or accessories. Our jackets make you visible up to 300m, 3 times more than a classic yellow vest. 

Also, don't forget to respect the traffic rules for cyclists. For your safety, that of pedestrians and other road users, it is important to know some good rules of conduct to guarantee you an optimal commuting experience.

8/ Invest in useful commuting accessories

  • A helmet (essential!) Overade for example, which offers foldable helmets for easy transport.
  • A mask R-PUR antipollution. The perfect accessory to protect you against gases, odors, pollens, fine diesel and toxic particles present in the air.
  • A multi-tool that will help you adjust your bike.

9/ Don't forget to bring something to carry your belongings

It's always better to have a bike-friendly bag, with waterproof fabric, a reinforced bottom and practical storage. Our UCRR reflective bag will bring you comfort and safety.


That's it, you're ready to become a perfect bike rider (or almost😉​)! Then don't forget, the bike comut is independence, it's being able to breathe fresh air during your daily journeys and no longer breathe in the fabulous smells of public transport 🤢​.

You can also enjoy a traffic-free ride while exercising. And yes! Bike comut reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by half. Moreover, it is the best means of transportation to protect our beautiful planet. So don't hesitate to get back in the saddle and encourage your loved ones to do the same.


Finally, we leave you with  advice from Paul, a bike rider from the Urban Circus team:

"Watch out for pigeons!.