Private sales, soft prices, destocking, Black Friday... what do the sales mean today? 

Many of us are lost in the continuous offer of " barred prices " (business nickname given to a selling price displayed as reduced).

Originally, sales are legal periods during which it is allowed to offer promotions on products previously sold at full price.

But many retailers have realised that the barred price was a powerful incentive to buy and now make it a permanent selling technique. From then on, buying at the "normal" price is like being the fall guy for the joke. We recommend this eloquent extract from Capital for more information on this subject. 

In this unclear context, it seems important to us to be transparent about our pricing and sales policy: 

  • We only have 3 discount times during the year: at the time of the summer sales, the winter sales and for Black Friday (we were telling you about it here), to the legally defined periods.
  • The products that we sell are our one and only products, those that we take on average 2 years to develop, in which we have put all our knowledge and energy. The reduction directly reduces the margin used to finance these developments and to support our team of about ten people.

We have committed ourselves to promoting the daily use of bicycles and all forms of soft mobility. We are convinced that this implies the acquisition, by all their users, of adequate equipment that protects through visibility. 

That's why we have chosen to offer you 3 levels of reductions for these 2021 winter sales. They are, as always, the result of a compromise which seemed to us to be  fair for you and for us.  

All that remains for us to do is to wish you good "real sales" and real bargains. ;)